The Freedom of Choice translations

The Freedom of Choice book is available in 17 languages.

English (ISBN 0 9577882 1 5)
French in Paris (ISBN 2-909467-04-X),
Russian in Moscow (ISBN 5-05-005348-X),
Norwegian (ISBN 82-996312-0-3),
Polish (Wolna Wola) (ISBN 978-83958316-0-7)
Slovenian (ISBN 961-236-365-X),
Hungarian (ISBN 963-9219-12-6)
Gujarati in India. The printed English version is available in India for free. Please send you contact details to with subject line `Freedom of Choice book`. [Amit Parikh]
Other translations include Spanish, Romanian, Greek, Italian, Finnish, Persian, Czech, Hindu, Chinese.

Other translations are to be published soon.

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